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7 Amazing Tips to Keep in Mind When Designing a Modular Kitchen

Finalizing a design for your modular kitchen can be overwhelming at times, especially when you have quite a lot of designs to pick from.

You need to match the design with the other decor, pick the right colour, and the kitchen needs to be functional at the same time.

Here in this article, we will have a look at some expert tips that will help you design a modular kitchen, choose the right layouts, and yet make it look Instagram picture worthy.

#1 Finalize your kitchen’s layout first

The very first step you need to take when designing your modular kitchen is to choose the right design for the layout.

There are many options to choose one, but as per interior designers in Dubai, you need to take time and pick one that not just matches your style, but your needs as well. Some of the common kitchen layouts are U-shaped, galley and L-Shaped.

#2 The finishing matters

Once you have picked a layout for your modular kitchen, you need to select the finishes. This is an important decision to make as the wrong finish can destroy the look and feel you were hoping to achieve.

With many options available, the choice can be hard, but make sure to take your time and pick the most suitable one.

The common finishes people normally opt for are laminate, veneer, acrylic, solid wood etc. You can always take advice from an interior designer in Dubai.

#3 Picking appliances

Another important aspect one needs to pay attention to when designing a modular kitchen is picking appliances.

While standard appliances like an oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator are must-have, homeowners can also pick from the latest appliances available. They are quite functional and help you whip up some great dishes in no time.

#4 Choosing the cabinets

Cabinets are available in various styles these days and are made using different kinds of materials too.

You can make a pick based on the style and layout of your modular kitchen. There are luxury cabinets and standard ones to pick from. If you are looking for something durable and trendy, you can choose from laminate or solid wood.

#5 Pay attention to the lighting

Lighting plays an important role in interior design and the same applies to the modular kitchen design as well. If your kitchen lacks natural light, make sure to add extra light fixtures to the space.

You also get to pick from different styles and can use LEDs as they are bright. Another option is to use solar chargeable lights which help you save on electricity bills too.

#6 The Flooring

If you are planning to get a modular kitchen designed in one of your old houses and want to change the flooring, you can pick from decorative ceramic tiles, marble, granite, or vinyl.

Again, there are many finishes available in flooring, so make sure to take advice of an experienced interior designer in Dubai.

#7 The Accessories

Now, this is the final and most important part of designing the modular kitchen. You need to add the right accessories to the kitchen like potholders, cutlery holders, regular towels, and dishtowels.

You can find trendy kitchen accessories online or in decor stores.

The kitchen is not only meant to cook delicious dishes for your family and friends but is also used to entertain the guests at times as well.

If you are a food blogger, the right kitchen design can complement your cooking and take you places.

So, make sure to take that extra care when designing a modular kitchen.

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