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How to Choose an Interior Designer in Dubai UAE

Clients who own a Villa or an Apartment and want to design the interiors to achieve optimum functionality without compromising on comfort and personal style should take note of the following while selecting the interior designer:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive Internet search – Top Consultants in Dubai, UAE for interior design and read the evaluations.

  2. Check Out Their Portfolio

  3. Make sure to go through their websites and look at their previous work.

  4. Is their work inspiring to you?

  5. Do you want to reside in one of the Villa where they executed the interiors?

  6. Consultants with the ability to provide the requested services and a track record of successfully completing similar projects should be evaluated.

  7. Get recommendations for the best interior design consultants in Dubai from people you know who have used them before.

  8. Get the name of the interior design consultant if you like your neighbour’s newly refurbished kitchen or your brother-in-law's new villa.

  9. Request quotations from 3 consultant companies in Dubai you're interested in potentially hiring once you've compiled a list of names.

  10. Each consultant’s quote will most likely include a variety of services, allowing you to choose which will meet the needs of your project. It is cost effective to select a consultant who offers fitout services along with design.

  11. Furthermore, create your budget early and be explicit with the consultants you're interviewing about where you draw the line in terms of money and how you anticipate the project to be paid out to avoid delays and misunderstanding later.

  12. This might assist you to figure out which consultants are on the same page as you when it comes to the bottom line.

  13. The project cost's affordability is and will always be a factor.

  14. Choose the consultant that fits well on an overall basis within the defined parameters of a good track record of projects completed, prompt response to queries verbally and by email, and will ensure that the project is delivered within the time and cost committed.

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