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1. What interior fit out services do you offer?

LSK interior fit out services include space planning, design, civil work, bespoke furniture, false ceiling, flooring, tiling, cladding and so much more.

2. What is the Site Execution Schedule?

The period required from commencement of works at site to completion of works and hand over to client to move in, is the site execution schedule. It is presented and reviewed with the client in detail with respect to all activities that will be undertaken as per quotation finalized.

3. Can I select materials and finishes as per my choice?

After the finalization of the quotation and receipt of nominal booking amount from the client, the design phase will kickstart and samples of materials and finishes will be presented to client for selection. As a mark of approval client will be required to sign off on the design and samples selected. In this manner client is reassured of only approved materials being used on site.

4. Why are there payment milestones?

We understand home renovation is a huge investment. We’ve structured our payments in such a way that your home interiors journey becomes a smooth sail. These payment milestones are linked to progress of work at site, thereby providing the comfort to the client and removing the element of uncertainty about financial risk and work completion.

5. Can I get just a part of my home renovated?

Of course! We’d be happy to renovate just a part of your home for you - say a modular kitchen or living room or your kid’s bedroom or guest bathroom etc. Get in touch with us and we shall guide you through the process.

6. How LSK as a consultancy justifies its role?

Considering the experience of over 38 years of LSK’s Founder and Managing Director, any client of LSK will be shielded from the financial risk and uncertainty of performance of the interior fit out contractor which is a threat in POST COVID era and clients are not aware of the same.


Additionally, LSK acts as a Confidential Advisor to the client and protects the interest commercially and aesthetically and ensures a hassle-free experience for the client from start to the end.


It is practically a hand holding support through the challenges that clients encounter in the decision making with respect to the finalization of design, materials, finishes etc.

7. Do you charge a consultancy fee for interior fit out services?

We do not charge any consultancy fee to the clients of turnkey (design + fit out) interior fit out services for Luxurious Villas & Apartments/F & B And Retail Outlets/Restaurants/Corporate Offices.

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