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Go Green with These Sustainable Villa Interior Design Ideas

Sustainable interior villa designs are getting immensely popular nowadays in Dubai owing to their contribution to nature. Also known as green décor, these environmentally friendly design ideas can make your villa look sophisticated and charming. You can contact the interior fitout companies in Dubai to get these ideas implemented perfectly. So, without any delay, let us share some innovative ideas for your villa.

1. Add More Plants

The first way to decorate your villa with a green theme is by adding more plants. You can choose from floral to decorative plants for this purpose. Your interior fitout company can help you choose the most beautiful plants for your villa. These plants will reduce the carbon dioxide level in the rooms and add more oxygen. They will ensure the better health of your entire family.

2. Rattan Furniture

Eco-friendly materials such as rattan can be the best choice for your villa furniture. And these look aesthetically pleasing as well. Starting from blinds to staircase railings, you can decorate your villa using this heavy-duty and sustainable furniture in multiple ways. You can select earthy shades such as white, cream, or beige to go well with the rattan furniture.

3. Use Jute Ropes

Another very sustainable material is jute, which you can use in various ways. You can build an indoor or outdoor swing made of wood and jute or only jute as that will make your villa look more charming. Also, you can use jute fabrics to design cushion covers, sofa covers, table mats, tablecloths, coasters, and other upholstery items. A jute carpet also sounds great.

4. Industrial Design

Among so many interior decoration themes, industrial can go well with the green décor theme. Industrial décor is all about open or exposed steel structures, pipelines, and brick walls for a masculine, worn-in look.

The interior fitout companies in Dubai are experimenting a lot with this theme today and you can ask anyone for suggestions.

5. Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo is quite popular in Asian countries and it’s a very good sustainable material. If green is your villa décor theme, you can use bamboo in many ways. A bed or sofa set made of bamboo can make your bedroom or living look unique. Also, you can think of bamboo when it comes to decorating your living room with partitions.

6. The Color Theme

Literally, green can be the color of your entire villa or some portion of it to make it look sustainable. For example, you can paint a single wall in olive green or sap green shade and the others in white or cream. It will look quite soothing to the eyes as well. If you want to incorporate another dark shade that goes well with green, brown is the one.

7. Wooden and Terracotta Floor

Choosing a wooden floor can make a lot of difference if a sustainable villa is all that you want. Wooden floors not only look classy but also are good for our health. Another great option for the floor is terracotta tiles. These tiles remain very cold in summer and hence, you will feel really pleased when you walk barefoot these days.

8. Choose Recycled Accents

Once the basic furnishing is done, we all look for those beautiful art pieces and accents to complete the overall décor. Well, you can go for the ones that are more natural and made from plants. Or you can choose recycled materials made with bottles, cork, stationeries, and other items. These will give a unique touch to the design of your villa for sure.

If you’re looking for interior fitout companies in Dubai that can implement the above ideas, look no further.

At LSK Interior Projects, you’ll find the best designers and experts who can suggest you an appropriate design based on your needs, preferences, and budget.

So, don’t wait any further and contact us for a detailed discussion.

We are the reliable designing partners of a huge number of happy clients.

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