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7 Things to Remember Before Hiring a FitOut Contractor in Dubai

A results driven fitout contractor must walk every step of the journey side-by-side with you as your partner in success, giving you the flexibility, freedom, and knowledge to express your vision throughout the Interior fit out execution process.

The fitout contractor must carefully consider each aspect of the project and strive hard to execute the designs perfectly up to the smallest detail with absolute precision and impeccable skill.

Rest assured, the fitout contractor must make sure that each project completed surpasses the expectations of the clients and are at par with the global standards for art, design, and sustainability.

To achieve this objective the fitout contractor widens your possibilities with in-depth insights and works relentlessly to deliver creative and cost-effective solutions to fulfil the client’s needs. Finding and employing the fitout contractor is the most critical step.

For those who haven't gone through it before, it may appear to be a complicated and overwhelming process. Here’s what you need to do when looking for the fitout contractor in Dubai.

Here are 7 Things to remember before hiring a fit-out contractor in Dubai

#1 Check out the Fitout Contractor’s Track Record of Projects Completed and Capabilities to Execute Within the Timeframe and Cost Planned of the Project

Request the fitout contractor for the list and photos of projects completed and verify the timeframe and costs of at least 3 projects completed which are close to what has been visualized by you with respect to the area of fitout required and finishes.

Further check the typical timeline for your project to assess whether it matches your expectations for completion

#2 Does the Fitout Contractor have the Team Geared to Execute the Project?

Request the fitout contractor to provide the list of staff and workers/subcontractors that will be deployed on the project to ensure it runs smoothly and a site execution schedule must be submitted prior to commencement of the project

#3 Client, Vendor, and Subcontractor Referrals

Asking the fitout contractor for client referrals will give you a good idea of how they have worked on previous projects and how they work with their clients.

However, if you can speak with their vendors and subcontractors, you will be able to get a clearer picture of their work style.

#4 Negotiate Payment Milestones for the Total Value of the Project

Fitout work is a substantial capital investment. To ensure the journey from start to end of fitout work becomes a smooth sail for the client, payment milestones are supposed to be incorporated in the contract.

These payment milestones are linked to progress of work at site, thereby providing the comfort to the client and removing the element of uncertainty and financial risk of non-completion

#5 How Many Projects the Fitout Contractor is Working on Right Now Concurrently with Yours?

While there is no right or wrong answer, it is useful to know how many projects the fitout contractor will be working on concurrently with yours.

If they are working on various projects, they must have a large enough team to support those projects. Otherwise, your project is more likely to be executed at a slower pace or may be put on hold.

#6 Define the Process of Communication

Define the process of communication by fitout contractor during the execution process and project updates, it will pave the way from the beginning to get the relationship off to a good start.

#7 Check Out Whether the Fitout Contractor is Properly Licensed and Insured?

Often clients do not ask their fitout contractors’ whether they are licensed and insured properly, but it is critical to know before you begin. Several fitout contractors’ are not licensed or insured.

Although hiring an unlicensed and uninsured contractor may save you money in the short term, if something goes wrong during the project and the fitout contractor is not licensed and insured, any damage or mishap on site is the owner’s responsibility.

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