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7 Sustainable Bedroom Makeover Ideas

The bedroom is the most calming space in your entire apartment. And so, the interior of your bedroom should reflect the same idea. If you are looking for interior fitout companies in Dubai to revamp or build your bedroom from scratch, here are some innovative ideas to try.

Green bedroom, also known as a sustainable bedroom, is trending the bedroom décor theme in 2023.

It refers to a décor that’s deeply associated with nature and its calming, revitalizing effects. If you are looking forward to making your sleeping space classy, beautiful, and serene, here are the 7 best ideas you can check out!

1. Green Accent Wall

green accent wall bedroom interior design ideas

To make your bedroom look soothing and classy, you can paint a single wall green and the rest white, cream, or beige. It will not only add a new dimension to the space but will also make it look pleasant. You can choose from a variety of shades from the green family like hunter green, olive green, or sage green.

2. Olive Green Curtains

olive green curtains bedroom interior design ideas

Choosing curtains for a sustainable bedroom won’t be difficult anymore if you follow this tip. Olive green can look perfect with your bedroom décor and while selecting the best fabric, you can look for sustainable ones such as jute, linen, or cotton. These are not only comforting to look at but also highly durable.

3. Neon Green Wallpaper

If you want your bedroom to look green and quirky, neon is the best option. You can choose from neon green wallpapers in captivating designs to implement this idea.

We’ll recommend graphics wallpapers in green and pop shades that glow in the dark. Starry night ceiling paint or wallpaper is also a fabulous theme for a cosy green bedroom.

4. Indoor Plants

Something that resembles a green bedroom décor theme the best is indoor plants. Many interior fitout companies in Dubai prefer indoor plants nowadays to complement their indoor décor and add a charming touch.

So, when it comes to choosing the best indoor plants for your bedroom, you can consult your fit-out expert.

5. Sage Green Accents

Any room will be transformed into a calming space with the usage of sage green accents. Your bedroom will look more airy, cosy and warm with this specific shade.

Hence, you can choose from any of the accents like upholstery, comforters, blankets, cushions etc in the sage green shade to complement the overall green home décor.

6. Brown Accents

Another earthy shade that’s perfect for a sustainable bedroom is brown. Apart from being a neutral option, it can go really well with your green-shaded bedroom wall and accents. If your bedroom needs natural light, brown is one of the best options too.

You can choose from brown-shaded wooden furniture, wall accents, and decoratives to apply this idea.

7. A Touch of White

Finally, don’t forget the colour white, which has a balanced nature. And studies show that white can put you to a sound sleep after a long tiring day.

You can add a white lampshade, flower vase, or any accent that goes well with your bedroom décor to make the whole idea look complete. And if you’re fond of simple and classy white upholstery, just go ahead!

A sustainable bedroom is something that you’ll cherish for a long time.

Green being pleasing to the eyes will induce a rejuvenating effect that you’ll love for sure.

Waking up every day with a pleasant feel is something incomparable with any other bedroom décor.

If you’re looking for interior fitout companies in Dubai to make your bedroom look special, look no further than LSK Interior Projects.

We provide complete and customized fit-out services at a competitive price to a huge network of reputed clients.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any queries regarding our services.

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