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10 Villa Designs in Dubai That Will Take Your Breath Away

Dubai, the iconic destination of the Gulf, is home to many architectural innovations. While there are iconic monuments like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, and Infinity Tower in the city, Dubai also boasts some of the most expensive and luxurious residential villas.

And so, if you’re interested to know about these villas in Dubai, here you go! In this post, we are presenting the 10 villa designs in Dubai that will simply take your breath away!

While checking out these magnificent villas, don’t forget to take some innovative ideas from these villa designs. So, without any further delay, let’s start with the first one!

1. Al Barari, Acacia

It’s a 7-bedroom residential villa with two private courtyards. The entire property of this villa spans about 48,000 square feet. The most attractive part of this gorgeous villa is the landscaped garden, which is gracefully designed with a swimming pool, plunge pool, spa, and many more luxurious elements.

2. Al Barari, Bromellia

Featuring a dreamlike landscape, the architecture of the Al Barari in Bromellia is breathtaking. This royal villa is designed with a LED-lighted waterfall that glows in the night, reflecting the evening stars in the pool water. Heading to the villa backyard will surprise you with a fascinating water creek.

3. Al Barari, The Reserve

If you’re looking for some contemporary villa ideas, this one located at The Reserve should be on the radar. That’s because of the minimalistic charm of this villa, which goes through frequent upgrades. The design theme is a Miami mansion, which is represented all over the 19,000 square feet area.

4. Emirates Hills, Sector E

If you happen to be around the golf course, don’t forget to check this villa out. The beautiful skyline above the villa offering a view of the Burj Khalifa makes it look even more special.

5. Emirates Hills, Sector HT

Spanning over approximately 26,324 sq ft of land, this 7-bedroom villa is simply marvelous. And when it comes to amenities, it offers a cinema hall, private gym, games room, spa area, and much more.

6. Emirates Hills, Sector L

Another stunning white villa located near the lush green golf course, the Emirates Hills has it all from a private gym to a theatre, spa, and pool. It’s one of the most expensive villas in Dubai.

7. Emirates Hills, Sector P

It’s a beautiful villa located in Sector P and covering about 16,000 square feet of area. The villa is designed with 6 bedrooms, a garden basement, a kitchen, dining, and lounge areas, and 8 luxurious bathrooms!

8. Emirates Hills, Sector R

Offering the best skyline view of the city, the Emirates Hills at Dubai Sector R is all about finesse. The villa has an internal lift to connect its vast expansion comprising 6 bedrooms, a garden basement, kitchen, dining, and whatnot!

9. Burj Khalifa

This place needs no introduction and it’s not surprising that the largest penthouse of Burj Khalifa spanning over 21,000 sq ft is the biggest in Dubai.

10. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Dubai has a wide number of iconic hotels and this one is always one of the bests. It’s a luxury hotel with tonnes of amenities to take care of your luxury and comfort.

So, these are the 10 best villas in Dubai to explore for amazing designs. If you’re inspired by any of these designs, just go ahead and infuse them with your innovative ideas.

And if you’re planning to build your own villa in Dubai, feel free to contact us right away!

We at LSK Interior Projects provide interior designs to a wide number of happy clients in Dubai. So, why wait anymore?

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