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Top Interior Designs to Look Out for in 2023

The year 2022 has seen a revolution in interior design with more people open to trying out new designs, and statement lighting, and helped bring back the style of cottage designs. But what is in store for 2023?

The New Year begins with a lot of new changes, and we see our homes getting a little makeover too. But, before you start making those small changes here and there, make sure to check out these top interior design trends for 2023.

#1 The Use of Sustainable Materials is in

The interior design industry is taking a step towards sustainability. Most of the designers and creators are looking for ways to recycle waste, and do not intend to add any more to it. People should be able to connect with the beauty of nature, and use textures, colors, and decor that enhance the well-being of people living in that space, and our planet too.

#2 Wavy Stripes Are in

The color or pattern you choose for the interior can affect your mood. So, we often pay attention to the colors we choose for the walls and the furniture or decor. Studies have shown that the use of wavy patterns can impact the mood of a person in a positive way.

In 2023 we can see a lot of ways these are going to be incorporated into interior design. If you are unsure how and where to add the wavy stripes, you can always get in touch with an expert Interior designer in Dubai.

#3 Curved and Comfortable Seating

Though our daily lives are dominated by smartphones, smart televisions and various other smart gadgets, more of us are looking forward to that time with our friends and family. Relationships are going to take a centre stage in 2023, and so does the seating. Interior designers in Dubai suggest the use of curved seating as it is not just comfortable, but it brings softness to the overall space.

People often feel secure in a curved seat as it wraps us like a bear hug. So, make sure to add comfortable and curved seating to your living area.

You might as well see your family members moving away from the TV and engaging in good conversations.

#4 Add a Touch of Layered Lighting

Lighting is always considered the most important design element as it impacts our mood, and brings in cosiness when used right.

As per an expert Interior designer in Dubai, lighting is the second most important element in interior design after color.

One can add lighting to the home in different ways and can use various materials, colors, and shapes that match your fine taste and the existing decor of your house. If you wish to add warmth to a certain space, layered lighting works best.

You can always get in touch with an interior designer to use it the right way.

#5 Lookout for Wallpaper Borders

We often use wallpapers to hide those imperfections or marks on the wall. But, the use of wallpapers in interior design has changed in 2022. In the coming year, we can also see that the wallpapers are being used to that color and pattern to the walls, and showcase your character.

If your home is an architectural element, the use of wallpaper borders highlights the same. As more people are open to trying new designs, experts believe that wallpaper borders will be a trend in 2023.

These are some of the interior design trends you can look out for in 2023.

Make sure to keep up with these trends when you are trying to give your home a little new year makeover.

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