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Majlis Design is a unique traditional Arabic concept popular in Middle East. Majlis is generally a place where friends and families get together, talk, and socialize.


It can also be termed as a living room or conference room but of a different style.


Few decades back it was popular with high level government dignitaries for meetings with the public and as a consultative chamber that facilitated interaction between them.


Various kinds of designs such as modern, classic, and contemporary etc. can be offered depending on the preference of clients.


Each has a unique architectural and decorative style and projects a luxurious and comfortable feel and a pleasant environment to have great meetings.

Villa Design_ServicePage.jpg
Villa Design_ServicePages.jpg


An elegant modern majlis for men with luxurious sofas lined up for maximum seating availability and corresponds to the status of the owner.


Muted champagne gold, turquoise blue, golden beige creates a great combination. These colors represent riches and luxury, providing well-being, fortune, and emotions.


The turquoise in home decor creates incredible combinations and this color is perfectly balanced with the other shades.

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